Work with Adxto Group

We add Xtra to health care

There are many different reasons for working with us at Adxto Group. We have a broad network of contacts and many different partners, which means that you as a company become part of a larger network. We have long experience of both recruitment and consulting services, which means that you can feel safe with both our internal and external work processes. For many years, we have developed various types of care projects in collaboration with both healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. It has given us knowledge about what works and where there is a need for improvement. At Adxto, we are constantly working on developing new relationships and new care projects with one and the same purpose - to give all people better care.

Benefits of working with us

  • Direct access to patients via our clinic in Stockholm and our PSP programs
  • Vaccination clinics within 50+ Pharmacies where we operate
  • CSO org with 20+ years experience in the Nordics
  • Care provider in Finland
  • Well established partner to companies within the Nordic Pharma and MedTech industry
  • Well integrated with all major stakeholders in the Nordic life science Industry
  • Access to all major hospitals in Sweden with 25+ current collaboration agreements in place
  • Long experience in strategic and practical advice on how to sell and implement medical projects in other European countries